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Mr. E.N. Gopakumar, Managing Partner

About Us

Royal Rich. An ISO 22000:2015 Company

Royal Rich is an ESSEN group facet founded years back. With an enriched experience nearing to three decades, Royal Rich have been fruitfully contributed a lot in the field of edible oil starting from Kerala and gradually spanning across whole India and finally in many markets abroad. Our initial thrust on business was with Coconut Oil and since from the outset Royal Rich has no compromise to quality matter and believes to deliver everything for customer satisfaction. Coconut Oil manufacturing with zeal of perfection and quality made us obtaining recognition in Kerala and trading of other edible oils also lined up within our arena. Kerala and near states have entrusted us and Royal Rich reached the heights widely accepted.

Driving Force

As a unit registered under ESSEN group, the Royal Rich follows certain ethic based business strategy where quality and best service plays key role. The administration is sturdy with enough qualified professionals. It knows the pulse of Kerala marketing scenario and the inroads of dealing edible oil business and trading.

Present Revealing on Business

Royal Edible Company is an ISO 22000: 2005 certified company. It’s a unit registered under ESSEN group. Royal Rich has a trustworthy tradition of 25 years and still going on. The annual turnover is Rs. 200 Crores. Manufacturing of Coconut Oil and various edible oil trading are our concerns. Our markets spans not only across India, but on abroad too. The prestigious product of Royal Rich is Premium Roasted Coconut Oil and it has achieved the AGMARK certification from the govt. of India. It ensures all quality standards. We supply 100% pure and natural coconut oil, besides trading of various edible oils are also within us. Out list of clientele include prestigious names such as The Consumer fed, Market Fed and Supply Co (All government Undertakings).

Royal rich Cocunut oil
Royal rich Cocunut oil
Royal rich Cocunut oil
Royal rich Cocunut oil


Our Vision & Mission

Royal rich Cocunut oil


We believe, our customers deserve the best in every aspect and we’re keen to supply the Coconut products enlarge 100% purity and with all spontaneous goodness of nature. Besides, the trading of Sun Flower Oil and Rice Bran Oil are also on move with the same way of ethics and we renew our responsibility to be in service to cater the customer interests.

Royal rich Cocunut oil


We look forward to an entire new phase of volume business and to become a front line player on edible oil business. We’ll strive to attain the top level position especially in the Kerala Edible Oil supply & marketing. Our ultimate aim is to achieve the No.1 spot among globally recognized oil brands.